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Positive Climate News - April 2024

Earlier this month we marked Earth Day and these positive climate news stories are an inspiring reminders of our shared responsibility to protect and preserve the planet and showcase the wonderful ways individuals and organisations are working to make sure that everyday is Earth Day.

Woman plants thousands of trees after buying fell

Sally Phillips bought Low Fell in the Lake District three years ago through her company Buy Land Plant Trees. A woodland has been created and about 275,000 trees have been planted so far.

Ms Philips plans to plant between 50,000 and 100,000 more trees over the next two years. The area now contains a mix of rowan, willow and hawthorn, which are planted in dense clusters. This protects the trees and means plastic tubes are not needed.

"We’ve become accustomed to seeing views like this which are completely bare of trees. But in years gone by they would have been covered in trees, right to the summit. It’s about trying to restore some of that," Ms Philips said.

Find out more on the BBC website.

Greece becomes first European country to ban bottom trawling

Greece has become the first country in Europe to announce a ban on bottom trawling in all of its national marine parks and protected areas. The country said it will spend €780m (£666m) to protect its “diverse and unique marine ecosystems”.

Conservationists welcomed the announcement and said they hoped the move would create a “domino effect” for other EU countries to do the same.

Find out more on the Guardian website.

Five wildlife species returning from extinction to the UK

A long list of species have disappeared from Britain over decades and centuries. But in a few small pockets of the country, a different story is beginning to unfold.

This article discusses the amazing efforts taking place to restore the numbers of dormice, purple emperor butterflies, reed warblers, willow tits and red squirrels across the UK.

Find out more on the Big Issue website.

Red squirrel sat on a tree branch.

Conservation slowing biodiversity loss, study finds

Conservation actions are effective at reducing global biodiversity loss, according to a major study. The authors said their findings offered a "ray of light" for those working to protect threatened animals and plants.

In the first study of its kind, published in the journal Science, scientists from dozens of research institutes reviewed 665 trials of conservation measures, some from as far back as 1890, in different countries and oceans and across species types, and found they had had a positive effect in two out of every three cases.

Find out more on the BBC website.

Nature has become an official Spotify artist to raise money for conservation

A new initiative will recognise nature as an official artist meaning artists who use these sounds can choose to list "Nature" as a featured artist. Some of their profits from streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music will then be distributed to environmental causes.

Revenue from tracks that feature nature will go towards supporting biodiversity protection and conservation projects as part of the Sounds Right initiative from the Museum for the United Nations - UN Live.

Find out more on the Euronews website.

By Eveline Vouillemin ©

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