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Sknfed: Creating natural skincare to feed your skin

Sknfed is the London-based vegan skincare and bodycare brand creating truly natural products.

It is always disappointing and frustrating when you discover that numerous so-called natural skincare brands actually use almost entirely synthetic ingredients!

In fact, you only need to have less than 1% natural or organic ingredients in the formulation to call it ‘natural’.

This inspired Marzena Mlynarska, the founder and owner of Sknfed, to create her own products that are entirely natural and 'active' instead.

It all began with a passion for natural and gentle products which led to the creation of a business that uses nature to deliver high quality cosmetic products.

Sknfed's very first creations were soaps and creams. In no time at all, these products became very popular because everyone who used them could see a marked improvement in their skin.

They went to their first market in December 2017 and sold far more than they ever expected. Now, Sknfed are regulars at Ethical Produce and Vegan Markets and they have built up a loyal online community.

All Sknfed's products are manufactured in the UK. Their packaging is also biodegradable and/or recyclable and the products themselves are biodegradable.

Organic Foot Balm Review

In honour of National Walking Month, I decided to order Sknfed's Organic Foot Balm (£7.95) to help look after my feet.

I was very happy with the results of this product. The cooling and refreshing formula absorbs quickly, deeply moisturises and brings instant relief to tired feet on contact.

It has a lightweight, non-greasy feel and I found it to be very gentle on the skin. My feet instantly felt softer and smoother after one application and I also appreciated the subtle but refreshing mint scent.

If your feet are rough or puffy, the combination of Shea Butter and Vitamin E contained in this formula will soften and hydrate skin and calm inflammation. The high level of Omega-3 fatty acids, due to flaxeed oil, also prevents dryness.

I would recommend layering the smooth formula on your feet before bedtime, throwing on some socks, and you will wake up with significantly softer skin.

This product delivers on Sknfed's aim to create products that are gentle on the skin but very effective at the same time. I will definitely be purchasing this foot balm again.

By Eveline Vouillemin ©

If you would like to try the Organic Foot Balm, then you can check it out on Sknfed's website and also discover more of their skincare and bodycare products.


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