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Underdog Coffee: Ethically sourced Fairtrade organic coffee

Underdog Coffee is on a mission to provide organic, Fairtrade and ethical coffee to the UK.

The company is run by husband and wife team Wyatt and Grace, and they came up with the idea for Underdog Coffee on their third date back in 2011.

They made it their mission to roast and deliver the best quality and most ethical beans in the UK and they have a strong focus on ethical practices, Fairtrade and organic production.

They want more people to enjoy drinking delicious coffee whilst improving the conditions for the communities and farmers who grow and harvest the coffees in their Fairtrade co-operatives.

To ensure their coffee is as fresh as possible, they roast regularly in small batches every 2 weeks.

They also work with a number of charities throughout the UK and through their partnership with them, 15% of the proceeds from each bag goes to support an important cause.

Medium Roast Coffee Dipping Bags

After looking through their website, I decided to order Underdog Coffee’s Firefly Fairtrade Organic Medium Roast Coffee Dipping Bags.

Firefly is a smooth, dark roast coffee with natural sweetness. It has a rich aroma of hazelnut and almonds and strikes a balance between sweet and nutty flavours.

From the Amazon jungle of Chinchamayo, careful cupping processes consistently deliver large, close-cut beans.

Collaboration between 50 small-scale coffee farmers in the region has brought much-needed education, infrastructure and environmental restoration.

Their education programs provide training for members, workshops on coffee production and management sessions for community youth.

The coffee dipping bags are very simple to use. All you need to do is pop the coffee sachet in a mug, pour in boiling water, let it infuse for a couple of minutes, and then you have a delicious cup of coffee.

They are absolutely perfect for camping, glamping or staying over in a hotel but you can also enjoy this delicious coffee at home.

I drink my coffee black and prefer it to be strong so I leave the coffee bag in whilst I drink, but normally you leave it in for a couple of minutes before removing for a rich taste without being too intense.

The Firefly coffee dipping bags are flavoursome, silky and warming and I have loved beginning each day with a mug of this coffee.

By Eveline Vouillemin ©

If you would like to try the Coffee Dipping Bags, then you can check it out on Underdog Coffee's website and also discover more of their coffee products.


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