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Review: Your Nature Natural Deodorant

Deodorants - spray, roll-on or rub? Have you ever considered that your choice of deodorant can have a negative or positive impact on the environment.

Your Nature have created a natural stick deodorant that is plastic free, 100% vegan, uses only natural ingredients and is recyclable.

The deodorant has a recyclable cardboard applicator and the first thing I noticed was the scent - a mix of floral lavender and citrus. I tried lavender and bergamot but there are other fragrances in the range, plus an unscented option.

The deodorant pushes up easily enough and if you hold it under your armpit for a few seconds for it to warm up it’s really easy to apply.

I’ve played tennis, gone on long walks and the protection it offers is good. It smells great and it works!

It is quite pricey, usually retailing at £8.45 (although I bought it in a sale for £6.75) so this might put some people off who are on a tight budget.

My only niggle performance-wise is that after several uses the cardboard edging got a bit sticky with deodorant and I needed to force the lid on. However, this is such a small concern when overall I know that my choice is reducing plastic waste, not adding to landfill and isn’t harmful to animal or plant life.

Here's six reasons to buy this product:

  1. No aluminium, parabens or carcinogens

  2. Allows your skin to breath naturally

  3. Will not block your sweat glands allowing your body to release toxins as nature intended

  4. Ingredients are sourced from ethical suppliers: it’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free

  5. Recyclable packaging, no plastic

  6. Handcrafted in the UK for use by both women and men

Make the change – it’s worth the extra cost!

By Julie Vouillemin ©

Your Nature is a Bristol-based company, run by father and son team, Dan and Callum Hughes. Set up in 2018, the company has an Earth-friendly ethos – sourcing high quality ingredients from ethical suppliers and designing recyclable, plastic-free packaging. They sell seven nature-friendly deodorants to customers across the UK. Check out their website to see their range.

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